Different Types of Betta Fish

There are well over sixty different types of bettas out there. Some are easy to find and are fairly affordable. Some are hard to find and can cost a good amount of money. The easy to find bettas can be found in any big pet/fish store. Some of the harder to find bettas can sometimes also be found at chain fish stores, but if you can’t find one you want, they can also be bought from local breeders that you can find on sites like Craigslist.

Bettas are generally identified by the type of tail they have and their pattern.

Popular Tail Types

Veiltail Betta – One of the most common and easy to find betta fish. The veil tail has a long, flowing tail that swoops downward.

Crown tail Betta – Has a tail that is reminiscent of a crown with its long spikey like fins. The crown tail is usually an inexpensive, easy to find fish.

Double tail Betta – Like its name implies, this betta has two distinct symmetrical tails.                 

Half-moon Betta – This betta has a beautifully full tail that makes a 180 degrees half circle. The Halfmoon betta also has a long, full dorsal fin.

Dumbo Ear Betta – Interesting looking betta that has oversized pectoral fins that look like large elephant ears on either side of the betta’s head.

Popular Patterns

Solid: As the name implies, this betta is only one solid color.

Bi-Colored: In this type, the color of the body is different from fins.

Piebald: This betta fish type has a solid dark color on the body with white or slightly pink skin flushed face.

Dragon: This pattern has a beautiful metallic appearance. The metallic and iridescent scales are reminiscent of a dragon.

Multi-colored: Its body has three or more colors and usually with an endless number of variations.

Marble: It has an irregular blotchy pattern all over the body. Interestingly, there is marbling on the body but not on the fins. The pattern continuously changes throughout their lives.