Feeding Picky Fish with Mysis Shrimp

Watch the above video as I discuss how to get picky fish to eat.

Scarlet Badis

I recently bought a pair of Scarlet Badis fish. They are gorgeous fish but, unfortunately they are known for being picky eaters. That is mostly due to the fact that they like and get used to eating live food.

Sadly, my Scarlet Badis haven’t been eating the flakes I have on hand, or at least I haven’t seen them yet, and it’s time they eat something.

Purchasing Mysis Shrimp

Today we are going to try and get them to eat so I went out to the local pet store and bought a package of frozen Mysis Shrimp. They are excellent for finicky fish.

In the video, I walk you through how to prepare the Mysis shrimp by getting warm water, dechlorinating it and then adding a block of the frozen shrimp into a cup. According to the package, you don’t have to warm it up or anything, but I do anyway. Then you just pour it into the fish tank. They haven’t really eaten in a while so it would make me feel a lot better if they would eat something.

Mini (Micro) Predator

The Scarlet Badis is a micro predator and are seemingly pretty popular in the aquarium hobby. I got these at a small independent pet store out in Garland, TX. Once I saw them, I knew I had to get them because they were so beautiful.