Best Beginner Aquarium Plant – Java Fern

Easy, Low Maintenance Aquarium Plant

In this video I talk about the best beginner plant for your aquarium. That plant is the Java Fern. It’s easy to maintain, extremely versatile and makes a great addition to any planted aquarium or freshwater fish tank. Learn about why it’s a great plant option, how to care for it and where to get it in this video.

Java Fern Natural Habitat

Microsorum pteropus, also known by its common name Java Fern is a popular plant used by many aquarium hobbyists. In its natural habitat it can be found in Thailand, Malaysia and Northeast India. It is named after the Indonesian Island of Java.

Easy to Maintain Aquarium Plant

Java Fern is a hardy plant that is easy to maintain. For example, it doesn’t require Co2 or extra fertilizer and it can grow in a wide range of water temperatures (60-83 °F / 15-28 °C). Its ability to grow in a variety of conditions makes it a hobbyist favorite. It can live in low or bright light and in a variety of substrates or even nothing at all. Often Java Fern is cultivated by gluing and tying it to rocks instead of planting down into the gravel. It will basically anchor itself to anything porous.

Java Fern

Versatile Aquarium Plant

As one of the more versatile plants, it’s no surprise that it is an amphibious plant, meaning that it will grow either partially or fully submersed. Also, Java Fern is snail resistant and grows aggressively in the right water conditions. It does well in planted aquariums as well as aquariums with high fish loads. Java Fern grows to about 8 inches tall and provides a lush hiding place for fish.