Rearranging the Fish Tank

I am rearranging my fish tank in this video. Eventually, If you have fish tanks long enough, you will need/want to rearrange it at some point.

Perhaps you feel like the fish are too crowded. Maybe you found a great new rock or a few vibrant new plants that you want to incorporate into the design. Or, maybe you’re just tired of the way it looks. Whatever your reasons are, you’ll want to see this video.

Steps to Rearranging a Fish Tank

  1. Remove a little of the water to allow better access to the rocks plants and decor.
  2. Take any unwanted items and any rocks or decor out of the tank that you want to move.
  3. Vacuum the gravel
  4. Change the air-stones
  5. Scrub the power filter
  6. Wipe down the lights and top of
  7. Rearrange the plants. Be sure to anchor the plants underneath the gravel.
  8. Add back any rocks and decor you want to keep, as well as, any new aquarium plants or decor at this time as.
  9. Add dechlorinator to the tank water
  10. Fill the fish tank with fresh water.
  11. Wipe down the outside of the fish tank

As shown above, rearranging a fish tank is a relatively simple task. After all, the steps very similar to those taken for the general maintenance of a fish tank.