Calcium for Shrimp and Snails

Shrimp and snails have shells that require calcium regularly. A shrimp shell is anywhere from 30%-50% calcium carbonate and a snail shell is 95%-98% calcium carbonate.

Ghost Shrimp

Calcium for Shrimp

Shrimp need calcium to strengthen their exoskeletons. A shrimp can molt, or shed its shell, quite often. A baby shrimp can molt weekly due to rapid growth and an adult can molt monthly. Each time a shrimp molts, the new shell will need to harden quickly and that is done through absorbing the calcium in the water.

Calcium for Snails

Snails need calcium to strengthen their shells. Many snail’s shells are made up of multiple layers and rely on those shells to protect their soft bodies. Because of that, it extremely important they get enough calcium.

Why Supplement with Calcium?

Shrimp and snails absorb calcium carbonate through their food and water. If the aquarium water lacks calcium, then then both shrimp and snails may become deficient. If that is the case, then a supplement may be needed to keep them happy and healthy.