Java Moss Growing Experiment

I like to use Java Moss in most of my tanks. My fish and shrimp seem to love it, and it helps with the water quality. It also makes a great refuge for baby shrimp and fry. That being siad, I’m tired of buying it. In this video I make a setup to see if I can grow it so I can have a continuous supply to stock my tanks.

Java Moss

Java moss is a bright green plant native to southeast Asia. It is commonly used in freshwater aquariums as protection and food for small fry and baby shrimp.
Java Moss is easy to grow and a popular choice because java moss does not require any special attention. It can grow in a wide range of temperatures, it grows best
at 70 to 75° Fahrenheit, but can live in temperatures of up to 85 to 90 °F. In addition, it does not need bright light or co2 which also makes it a great low maintenance plant.

Java Moss
Bright Green Java Moss

Java moss is a good plant option for the aquarium because it increases oxygen levels in the tank which is beneficial to newly formed fry. It can be put strait into a tank as the rhizoids are used by the moss to attach itself to just about any surface, such as, roots, rocks and driftwood. It is not advised to bury it under the substrte.

Java moss can be easily propagated via division and is suitable for both aquariums and vivariums.