Cherry Shrimp Unboxing – How to Make a Drip Acclimation System

Drip Acclimation

While cherry shrimp are easy to care for, they are sensitive to fluctuations in water parameters. For example, they do not tolerate sudden fluctations in water temperature or pH very well. For this reason, we use a slow drip acclimation process.

Introducing shrimp into a tank that has different water parameters than they’re used to can cause a shock to their systems. Unfortunately, doing it too squickly can cause stress and even death in some cases. The drip acclimation system acclimates the shrimp to to the parameters of the water in your tank slowly giving them a greater likelyhood of survival. Fortunately, many fishkeepers probably have everything needed to set-up a srip acclimation system. If not, the supplies are easy to find.

Here are links to the airline tubing and control valves I use in the video.Airline Tubing:
Contol Valves:

How Drip Acclimation works

Acclimating shrimp with a drip process is really very simple. Water from the aquarium the shrimp will be addded to, slowly dripps into the container containing the shrimp and water. As the water drips into the container, it slowly brings the water to the aquarium water temperature, pH, etc.

What to Know About Cherry Shrimp

Cherry Shrimp are small fresh water shrimp native to Taiwan. They reach about 1.5 inches at maximum size. They are eat mostly algae but will eat just about anything. Although they are called cherry shrimp, indicating they might be red, they come in multiple colors. They can be the common red, or may also be blue, orange, white, violet and and almost every color in between.

Scientific Name: Neocaridina davidi
Origin: Taiwan
Family: Atyidae
Care level: Easy
Temperament : Peaceful
Diet: Omnivores
Breeding: egg layer
Water Temperature: 57 to 86 F/14 to 30 C 
Water pH: 6.5-8.0